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    Waltham Forest Town Hall to Southend on Sea and Return
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    Any Questions, please contact John Summerhayes on T. 020 8520 3368

                                                                                  Mob. 07721082103
                Email, irongate@talktalk.net
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    After much discussions with members it was agreed that this years Summer Saunter is going to Southend on Sea. This is the favoured destination taking the longer northern route.
    We will be departing Waltham Forest Town Hall at 9-00am ( the usual club run
    departing time), and picking up more members at High Beech as usual. Then going
    to Blackmore, possible short stop. Proceeding to Ingatestone, Stock, Hanningfield,
    Battlesbridge, Hullbridge, Rochford, Thorpe Bay then West to Southend.
    Route Home, Westcliff on Sea, Leigh on Sea, Hadleigh. Now that's the easy bit.
    Choices are; Raleigh, Battlesbridge and similar route as outward journey. Or South
    Benfleet, Pitsea through Basildon, little Burstead, Tye Common, Billericay, Hutton,
    Brentwood, South Weald, Noak Hill, Lambourne End, Chigwell and Waltham Forest.
    Some may want to return by Train.

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    John Summerhayes,


    Members have not mentioned it to me. I'm pretty sure that no other
    female members would have entered. If any male members have
    entered you will soon know. Having said that the women's is on Sat,
    and the men's is on the Sun. Have you got your travelling etc sorted
    OK. Good Luck. John.

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    OK, Let's meet in Aug, third Tues. if it's The William 4th Leyton.
    You will need to inform the members by Email, of the change.
    Don't forget that we will be meeting this Aug. 2nd Mon at St Gabriel's.

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    URGENT, Don needs to know how many are going to accesss the amount
    Of food he needs for meals.
    If you are riding please reply this week.
    Thank you,
    John. El Pres;

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    Hi Neil, have you been in touch with Steve brown. bike. After reading his post he seems keen to help out with the training and could make a very useful contribution. As for booking a club session I presume it requires payment from one source only. In that case You can arrange for a cheque payment from Joe, and you pay him back after collecting monies from all parties. I can't see a problem with getting 10 people per session. Good luck. John El Pres;

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    1/ Waltham Forest Town Hall 8-45 am 2/. Lea valley Race HQ. 10-00 am 3/. Heybridge Basin. 1-30. Pm
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    Meet at 8-45am Waltham Forest Town Hall. Car assisted run to Lea Valley CC HQ
    North Hall Rd, Ugley, Essex. Cm22 6JD. Arrival time 9-45am. Drive directly there if
    you wish. Departing 10-00am for Heybridge Basin( Maldon).arriving approx 1-00.
    Lunch stop 1 hr Return different route to Lea Valley CC HQ. Arrival time 6-00pm.

    If the weather is very hot the ride will be shortened to a circular route around the
    Lea Valley CC HQ area. Similar to last years run. With a food stop.

    I look forward to seeing you on the day, and apologies for the late notification.

    John El-Pres;

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    Hi All,
    I would like to meet with you all in Green Park. I will be taking the club run
    This Sun as usual. Hopefully I can persuade the riders to come with me.
    The run will leave 9-00am Town Hall, pick up at High Beech, Roydon,
    Broxbourne, Cuffley, Potters Bar, Barnet, Kilburn, Green Park. It could be made longer. See you at meeting point L. Will keep in touch by phone after 11-30 am. Good luck . John El Pres.