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    UPDATE 20/4/18 at 6pm

    Hi All,
    Here is the current list of riders with PB so that you can monitor if you are likely to get a ride.
    141 entrants so far for 180 spaces ;
    NB each event has 90 spaces ; Currently the MM entrants is 41 with the solo's above 100.
    The Solos will take any spaces that are not taken by MM entrants so currently all entrants are on for a ride, but nothing is guaranteed.

    rate name club cat LTS


    1 Gary Pamment 3T-RACING Male Veteran
    1 Barry McDonald 3T-RACING Male Veteran
    2 Glenn Taylor Shorter Rochford RT Male Veteran
    2 Mark Arnold VTTA (East Anglia Group) Male Veteran


    3 James Rix Team Bottrill / Vanguard Male Veteran 00:17:47
    4 MARK JONES DRAG2ZERO Male Veteran 00:18:06
    5 Matthew Senter Team Velovelocity Male Senior 00:18:33
    6 Liam Maybank Twickenham CC Male Veteran 00:18:43
    7 James Hayden Rapha Cycling Club Male Senior 00:18:55
    8 Kevin Tye VeloRefined.com Aerosmiths Male Veteran 00:18:56
    9 Richard Harrison DRAG2ZERO Male Veteran 00:18:56
    10 David McGaw Cambridge CC Male Veteran 00:18:58
    11 Julian Elliott Finsbury Park CC Male Veteran 00:19:22
    12 Joe Gorman Stevenage CC Male Senior 00:19:24
    13 Tom Thornely Buxton CC/Sett Valley Cycles Male Senior 00:19:25
    14 neil lauder PMR @ Toachim House Male Senior 00:19:26
    15 David Veitch Lea Valley CC Male Senior 00:19:29
    16 Rob Young Team Vision Racing - Silverhook Male Veteran 00:19:30
    17 Mick Hodson Bedfordshire Road RT Male Veteran 00:19:31
    18 Jonathan Gould Cheltenham & County Cycling Club Male Veteran 00:19:38
    19 Angus MacInnes Royal Air Force Cycling Association Male Veteran 00:19:38
    20 David Harding Chelmer CC Male Senior 00:19:43
    21 Andy Whale Verulam Really Moving Male Senior 00:19:45
    22 Karl Willis Herts Rouleurs Racing Club Male Senior 00:19:45
    23 robert watson Team Bottrill / Vanguard Male Veteran 00:19:46
    24 Keith Dorling Team Bottrill / Vanguard Male Veteran 00:19:59
    25 Alice Lethbridge DRAG2ZERO Female Senior 00:20:00
    26 Sam Wightman Chelmer CC Male Veteran 00:20:00
    27 Murat Ozdenya Team Vision Racing - Silverhook Male Veteran 00:20:01
    28 Thomas Dean Eagle Road Club Male Veteran 00:20:06
    29 Andrew Wright High Wycombe CC Male Veteran 00:20:07
    30 Peter Harding Chelmer CC Male Senior 00:20:08
    31 Daniel Bloy Team Velovelocity Male Veteran 00:20:10
    32 Mark Cotton Velo Club Lincoln Male Senior 00:20:13
    33 Anton Blackie Rapha Cycling Club Male Senior 00:20:15
    34 Andy Sewell Aspire Velo Racing Team Male Senior 00:20:16
    35 James Hutchins Velo Club St Raphael Male Veteran 00:20:17
    36 Peter Oliver Fairly United Cycling Team Male Veteran 00:20:19
    37 Andrew Grant Cambridge CC Male Veteran 00:20:26
    38 Terry Garlinge Team Vision Racing - Silverhook Male Veteran 00:20:26
    39 Lucas He VC Baracchi Male Junior 00:20:28
    40 matt steel Shaftesbury CC Male Veteran 00:20:29
    41 Matt J Smith Port Talbot Whs CC Male Veteran 00:20:32
    42 Sam Brown Spartans Velo Club Male Senior 00:20:34
    43 Kristian Woolf VC Equipe/Flix Oral Hygiene/Propulse Male Senior 00:20:37
    44 Frank anderson SVTTA Male Veteran 00:20:39
    45 Matthew Green Velo-One Cycling Team Male Senior 00:20:42
    46 matthew saunders Team Vision Racing - Silverhook Male Senior 00:20:42
    47 Tim May MediaVelo Male Veteran 00:20:43
    48 Colin Lizieri Cambridge CC Male Veteran 00:20:44
    49 Colin Ross Lea Valley CC Male Senior 00:20:49
    50 Abid Hussain Icknield RC Male Veteran 00:20:52
    51 Karl Read North Norfolk Whs Male Veteran 00:20:56
    52 David Warlow Essex Roads CC Male Veteran 00:20:56
    53 Jerome Watts Team Bottrill / Vanguard Male Veteran 00:20:57
    54 tom haines East London Velo Male Veteran 00:20:57
    55 Leon West CC Sudbury Male Senior 00:20:58
    56 Philip Barnes TPH Racing Male Senior 00:20:58
    57 Lee Turner Sigma Sports Male Veteran 00:21:00
    58 Darran Bennett Ely & District CC/B&T Motor Repairs Male Veteran 00:21:00
    59 Matt O'Brien Plomesgate CC Male Veteran 00:21:00
    60 Darren Cope Team Bottrill / Vanguard Male Senior 00:21:02
    61 Steve Kaye Fenland Clarion CC Male Veteran 00:21:03
    62 Hugo Hocknell Team Salesengine.co.uk Male Veteran 00:21:03
    63 Julia Freeman Easterley Road Club Female Veteran 00:21:08
    64 Martin Headon Dulwich Paragon CC Male Senior 00:21:17
    65 Andrew Knowles North Norfolk Whs Male Senior 00:21:19
    66 Jon Talbot Wisbech Whs Male Veteran 00:21:19
    67 Roger Porter Verulam CC Male Veteran 00:21:22
    68 David Crisp 3T-RACING Male Veteran 00:21:23
    69 Ross Edgar Lea Valley CC Male Veteran 00:21:24
    70 Timothy Chilvers Maldon & District CC Male Senior 00:21:28
    71 Daniel Homer London Phoenix CC Male Veteran 00:21:29
    72 Adrian Gorham Kettering CC Male Veteran 00:21:29
    73 Ewan Hendon Ciclos Uno Male Veteran 00:21:29
    74 Chris Nudds CC Breckland Male Veteran 00:21:31
    75 John Wingfield Team Milton Keynes Male Senior 00:21:34
    76 Samuel Robinson Ashford Whs Male Senior 00:21:37
    77 Thomas Willan East London Velo Male Senior 00:21:39
    78 Paul Hayward VC Baracchi Male Senior 00:21:39
    79 Chris Roberts Team PedalRevolution.co.uk Male Veteran 00:21:44
    80 Steve Clarke TMG Horizon Cycling Team Male Veteran 00:21:49
    81 chris womack VC Baracchi Male Veteran 00:21:49
    82 eva nyirenda ...a3crg Female Senior 00:21:49
    83 John Golder Chelmer CC Male Veteran 00:21:56
    84 Lee Kennedy Army Cycling Union Male Senior 00:22:00
    85 Sam Allen Lee Valley Youth CC Male Junior 00:22:02
    86 Michael Porter 34 Nomads CC Male Veteran 00:22:08
    87 Nick Boyle Chelmer CC Male Veteran 00:22:12
    88 Mark Smart VC Norwich Male Veteran 00:22:18
    89 Wendy Gooding Team Bottrill / Vanguard Female Veteran 00:22:18
    90 Lee Thomas Team Backstedt Bike Performance Male Veteran 00:22:20
    91 Will Shepherd Ely & District CC/B&T Motor Repairs Male Veteran 00:22:20
    92 Jeremy Saynor PMR @ Toachim House Male Veteran 00:22:24
    93 Michael Wood CC Breckland Male Veteran 00:22:28
    94 Toby Collis CC Ashwell Male Senior 00:22:29
    95 stephen murphy Shaftesbury CC Male Veteran 00:22:30
    96 David Phillips Old Portlians CC Male Veteran 00:22:34
    97 Gerrard Rafferty Bonito Squadra Corse Male Veteran 00:22:34
    98 Barry Quick Reading CC Male Veteran 00:22:35
    99 Neill Keaney Onyx RT Male Senior 00:22:40
    100 Mark Fairhead CC Breckland Male Veteran 00:22:40

    Middle Markers

    Rate firstname lastname club gender category LTS
    101 Simon Keen Crest CC Male Senior 00:22:46
    102 Richard Payn 34 Nomads CC Male Veteran 00:22:48
    103 Dave Wilson St Neots CC Male Senior 00:22:50
    104 Andrew Beaman Victoria Cycling Club Male Veteran 00:22:50
    105 Phil Wright Hartlepool CC Male Veteran 00:22:53
    106 Gary Jackson Shaftesbury CC Male Veteran 00:23:01
    107 Jennifer Smart VC Norwich Female Veteran 00:23:02
    108 Stewart Kirk CC Sudbury Male Veteran 00:23:10
    109 David Guy OV Cycling Club Male Veteran 00:23:14
    110 Colin Ashcroft West Kent RC Male Veteran 00:23:16
    111 Arron Green Ride Harder Male Senior 00:23:21
    112 Phillip Jenkins Bedfordshire Road CC Male Veteran 00:23:23
    113 Patrick Charlton Wolsey RC Male Veteran 00:23:25
    114 Mark Ready Diss & District CC Male Veteran 00:23:30
    115 Sally Withey Team Swift Female Veteran 00:23:32
    116 Becky Murley Wisbech Whs Female Veteran 00:23:35
    117 Alex Elferink East London Velo Male Veteran 00:23:45
    118 Francesca Hall D A P Cycling Club Female Senior 00:23:46
    119 Dominic Whitehead St Ives CC Male Veteran 00:23:50
    120 Neil Davies Lea Valley CC Male Senior 00:23:58
    121 WAYNE GREVE Shaftesbury CC Male Veteran 00:24:00
    122 Alex He VC Baracchi Male Veteran 00:24:04
    123 Stephen Holmes VC Norwich Male Veteran 00:24:14
    124 Marshall Crowe Plomesgate CC Male Veteran 00:24:29
    125 Matthew Scales CC Ashwell Male Senior 00:24:32
    126 James Conway Metropolitan Police Cycle Club Male Veteran 00:24:38
    127 Andrew Porter Welwyn Whs Male Veteran 00:24:39
    128 Leanne Cutler Hitchin Nomads CC Female Veteran 00:24:48
    129 Paul Fairman Essex Roads CC Male Veteran 00:24:55
    130 John Hassall Bossard Whs Male Veteran 00:25:10
    131 Brian Martin Ciclos Uno Male Veteran 00:25:10
    132 Brendan O'Brien Eagle Road Club Male Veteran 00:25:20
    133 Mary Twitchett Cambridge CC Female Veteran 00:25:23
    134 Antonio Paolino Essex Roads CC Male Veteran 00:25:27
    135 James Stow Wolsey RC Male Veteran 00:25:29
    136 Hugh Williams Redbridge CC Male Veteran 00:25:42
    137 Joe Spaulding Ipswich BC Male Senior 00:26:06
    138 Denese Hallahan Wisbech Whs Female Veteran 00:26:14
    139 Peter Horsnell Chelmer CC Male Veteran 00:27:13
    140 simon jones CC London Male Veteran 00:29:30
    141 Len FINCH CC Sudbury Male Veteran 00:29:35

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    Hi All,
    We would like to invite you to enter into this event on the fast E2_10 course (Newmarket)
    Last years event saw many PB's and 3 riders go under 19 minutes.
    Please see CTT Website here for entry.

  • started
    Mandeville HallMandeville Hall, Tan House Lane (Off Reach Road), Burwell CB25 0AR http://burwellparishcouncil.gov.uk/page.php?id=8
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    Chris W is the first and Tim H is the last. In that order.
    Please dont take offence if there is futher lack of communication as i staying at the site tonight and putting the signs up in the morning.
    Ring me or text if you need to speak. Otherwise turn up and hope!!!
    All the joys of being a reserve ima afraid.

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    6 apologies so far (7/4/18 at 08.30) IN ORDER
    Start time ;
    And Chris W sends apologies.
    Reserves start with Steve Peck

    nos ; 147, 19 , 62, 92, 145, 72

    NB the list below in in order (based on fastest entrant first) and NOT the CTT website, which did not follow my template.

    RES chris womack VC Baracchi Male Veteran
    RES Steve Peck Ely & District CC/B&T Motor Repairs Male Veteran
    RES Tom Simpson Brixton Cycles Club Male Senior
    RES Graham Pepperdine Verulam CC Male Veteran
    RES Sam BROWN Spartans Velo Club Male Senior
    RES Andrew Beaman Victoria Cycling Club Male Veteran
    RES Andy Proffitt Ipswich BC Male Veteran
    RES Daniel Homer London Phoenix CC Male Veteran
    RES Nick Sexton Islington Cycling Club Male Senior
    RES Carl Murley Wisbech Whs Male Veteran
    RES David Wells CC Ashwell Male Veteran
    RES Oren Peleg Regents Park Rouleurs Male Veteran
    RES John Swanbury VC Baracchi Male Veteran
    RES Patrick Charlton Wolsey RC Male Veteran
    RES Timothy Holmes Lea Valley CC Male Senior

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    Apologies to those who did not get a ride this year.
    We had a 198 entrants for 150 rides. I was able to increase the riders by 5, due to some very fast entrants, placed towards the end of the field. London East rules state that we all have to off the road by 5.30pm.
    The cut for the last rider was 00:56:28 with one rider missing out by a few seconds. We also have 15 reserves and last year all of our reserves got a ride. So you faster guys remember to tick reserve if you are able as some of the slower riders got a reserve space.
    Yours in cycling.

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    Lea Valley introduce one of the fastest events of the season. Last year saw many fast times and PB's including the National Team 25 record being broken.
    We look forward to your entry.

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    Dear all,
    Thank you for your results.
    Submission is now closed.
    Awards shall be presented at the Club Dinner.
    Anyone not able to attend will have their awards at a later date.