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    For a while, some routes were being posted in this thread so there are some more to look at there, but that thread also hasn't been used for quite some time.

    Someone started a Lea Valley group on ridewithgps a couple of years ago or so and there are more routes there. There are also various routes which were made on Strava, which obviously won't be in the ridewithgps group, and lots of routes which were only posted to Facebook. It will take quite a while to get them all together (and to edit any which don't go via High Beach), but ultimately it should be possible to have a page on the website with lots of routes on.

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    Some of us were talking last week about trying to get together a depository of various routes for rides so that whoever is choosing the club run route on any given week has easy access to a range of routes to choose from. I had a vague ghost of a memory that we had already done this before, and after some digging around I've found this neglected thread which hasn't been touched for over 3 years.

    Unfortunately, most (or maybe all) of the routes here would need to be updated as things have changed a bit in the last few years. It used to be that the 'fast group' (in the days before A/B/C/Social) didn't go via High Beach, but now all groups do (for the second pick up), so the routes would need go that way.

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    Results courtesy of Edward:
    Overall LVCC
    1 Matt Steel Shaftesbury 2.19.70
    2 James Hutchins Shaftesbury 2.19.80
    3 Peter Armitage Islington CC 2.25.20
    4 1 Colin Ross LVCC 2.37.90
    5 2 George Kemp LVCC 2.38.00
    6 3 Aidan Kerrigan LVYC 2.43.40
    7 4 Thomas Hewins LVCC 2.48.80
    8 5 Simon Wakinshaw LVCC 2.49.5 (special bronze medal)
    9 Steve Flin Shaftesbury 2.52.60
    10 6 Lee Lavery LVCC 2.53.40
    11 R Pisolkar Shaftesbury 2.56.40
    12 Alexis Turcas 2.57.20
    13 7 Jamie Fake LVCC 2.58.9
    14 Alfie Salmon 2.58.90
    15 8 Trevor Whittock LVCC 2.59.10
    16 Ed Harris Private 3.05.10
    17 9 Keerthi Angammana LVCC 3.05.70
    18 Nick McAuliffe Shaftesbury 3.05.80
    19 10 Maddie Heywood LVCC 3.09.00
    20 Graham Irvine 3.09.80
    21 Alex Flin Shaftesbury 3.14.40
    22 11 Becky Clacy LVCC 3.15.50
    23 Lawrence Bellamy Shaftesbury 3.16.70
    24 12 Russel Hodges LVCC 3.17.70
    25 13 Phil Laing LVCC 3.18.30
    26 14 Dan Haines LVCC 3.26.50
    27 15 Adam Bishop LVCC 3.29.0
    28 16 Martin Wicks LVCC 3.33.40
    29 17 Mehrdad Safaieh LVCC 3.39.58
    30 18 Emily Chilton LVCC 3.46.16
    31 19 Louise Davidson LVCC 3.50.20
    32 20 Daisy Collinge LVCC 4.04.21
    33 21 Sanna Parikka LVCC 4.16.80
    34 22 Jemma Taylor LVCC 4.19.7

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    The August Bank Holiday is coming up which means it's time for John Summerhayes's annual lengthy club ride known as the 'Summer Saunter'. This year it will be heading down to Hastings on the south coast on Sunday 26th August. John says:

    *"Meet at Waltham Forest Town Hall at 8-30 am. Proceed though Wanstead, Forest Gate, East Ham, Becton, Woolwich Ferry, slight climb over Shooters Hill then down to Eltham, onto Chislehurst and Orpington. Once south of the Thames the route is very open and green. At 20 miles London is now behind us. Onto Downe and then a 25% climb up to Cudham. We then drop down to Brasted for coffee and cakes etc. Estimated time of arrival, 10-45 to 11-00 am.
    With more climbing we head towards Chartwell then Ide hill, then it's downhill to BoughBeech, afterwards we head to Chiddingstone, Fordcombe, Stone Cross, Groombridge, Eridge Station, Marks Cross and Rotherfield. This part of the route is undulating. We then climb up to Mayfield, ( a stop for refreshments) then downhill to Heathfield and Cade St. Then on to Herstmonceux Castle. After this it's a flat ride across Pevensey Levels to Pevensey and still a flat coastal ride to Bexhill. The very last leg is a ride along the beech cycle path to Hastings. We then head to the Station to book journey home. In the past it's been a special price of £10 each for a family of 4. Or as some are already doing you can book a B&B for the night and storm back the next day, as it's the Bank Hols.
    The last and most important item on the agenda is to find a good place to eat. With good food in comfortable surroundings with safe parking for the bikes. We all settled for Wetherspoons last time.
    I hope to see you on the ride."*

    NB - the Woolwich Ferry doesn't actually start running until 11:30am on Sundays, so I think the plan is to use the foot tunnel there

    Here is the intended route for everyone to download: https://www.strava.com/routes/15017195

    I have looked at Monika's data from the 2013 version of the Summer Saunter which also went to Hastings with Monika's average speed approximately 13mph. They set off from the town hall at 9:10, crossed the foot tunnel at Woolwich between 9:50 and 10:10, got to Brasted at 12:05 (having taken a longer route out of Orpington than is intended this year), stopped for refreshments and left again at 1pm, had a 25-minute stop north of Chiddingstone, presumably for a mechanical, then there seemed to be an off road section near Crowborough where I can only assume everyone got lost for a bit (!) and eventually arrived at Mayfield at 4:10pm for more refreshments. Set off again at 4:30pm, got to Herstmonceux Castle by about 6pm and finally t0 Hastings Pier by 7:30pm and then a train at about 8:20pm.

    If we are meeting at 8:30am this time, then a resasonable schedule could be as follows:
    Depart by 8:40am, cross the Thames around 9:30, stop at Brasted from 11:30-12:30, get to Mayfield by 3pm (assuming no mechanicals and as this route avoids the confusion near Crowborough), leave again at 3:30, be at Herstmonceux Castle around 5pm and Hastings by 6:30pm.

    Here are some possible direct trains:
    18:50 (gets to Charing Cross at 20:48)
    19:19 (gets to Victoria at 21:28)
    19:50 (gets to Charing Cross at 21:48)
    20:22 (gets to Victoria at 22:28)

    Tickets cost between £10 and £14 and John says it should be possible to get group tickets for groups of four at £10 per person.

    John would like to know ASAP roughly how many people are intending to ride, so if you are planning to come please email him at irongate@talktalk.net

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    It's a bit complicated this week, so read carefully! Our annual road race is coming up in 2 weeks' time and various newer members of the club are either racing in it for the first time or will be in the convoy or marshalling the event...SO...there will be a club run tomorrow (Sunday 17th June) which will head up to the road race circuit and do a loop of it so that everyone is familiar with it. Not everyone will be doing this, so keep reading if you don't want to go that far.

    We might have enough people for a separate B group (possibly led by James M) and C group (possibly led by Karl B) riding up to the road race circuit. This is the route:

    We have used this twice before to recce the circuit for the 2016 and 2017 races (which both got cancelled, but that's another story). It goes up via High Beach, but not via Mott Street, so if you're joining these groups you need to be at High Beach by 9:30am. The B/C groups should reach Thaxted between 11:00 and 11:30 where I will join them (I'm coming back from injury and can't ride far yet, so will be driving up) and Radwinter by 11:20-12:00 to start one lap of the road race circuit. Once that loop is completed, it's off to Saffron Walden to visit the Bicicletta Velo Cafe: https://www.biciclettavelo.com/menu They serve coffee and cakes and also hot food, but normally stop serving the latter at 1pm. We are likely to arrive between 12:45 and 13:30, so possibly too late for hot food, but I have contacted them to ask if they can keep serving for a little bit longer.

    After the cafe there are two possibilities. Some will be getting the train home from the nearby 'Audley End' station (which is in a village called Wendens Ambo a couple of miles west of Saffron Walden). There are two trains an hour back to Tottenham Hale / Liverpool Street taking approx 45-60 mins. The ticket price is about £12 but we did manage to get group discounts in the past. Others are riding back again via a more direct route:


    So that's about 64 miles if you get the train or 104 miles if you ride back again.

    Meanwhile, not everyone is up for such a long ride. Alex should be leading a B-ish group of riders who will shadow the above ride as far as Takeley and then branch off and start heading home again for a total ride of 65 miles:


    Last, but not least, if none of these take your fancy there should be the usual Social ride led by John who will announce his route on the day. They will be going via High Beach as usual and having a second pick up there at 9:45 (i.e. later than the faster groups).


    If you are new to the club and intending to join us for the first time, have a read of the FAQs: http://leavalleycc.co.uk/club-rides/

    We welcome people to come and join us to see what the club is all about, but we do ask people to become members of the club after their third ride with us. See you tomorrow.

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    Karl has been working on totally revamping the club's website and as part of this he has diligently copied across all of the tumblr blogs I wrote from 2013-2017. The idea is that we will host all of them there in the future.
    Instead of just reporting on our latest races and club runs (which can get a bit repetitive after a while!), I've been intending to add some different features to the blogs. I'm hoping to be able to interview some of the people who have been in the club for decades to find out about how the club has developed and also their own cycling stories through the years.
    I'm out of action with an injury so I've had a lot of time on my hands recently. I couldn't interview anyone, so I decided to kickstart these retrospective features by telling my own story of how I first got into cycling as a teenager (before completely abandoning the sport for many years). This is the result: