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  • With all the action (both good and bad) on two wheels, lots of people in the club were discussing getting cameras. I thought I would briefly share what I've learned from getting one (Replay Prime X) about mounting it with some example footage.

    For commuting, as a record of what happened should I ever need the footage, I wanted to mount it on my helmet as I thought this would give a better understanding of what was happening, where I was looking etc. Also, if there was any followup 'interactions' then they would also be captured. This was what drove the choice of the above camera as it's pretty small and light but still with a decent battery life.

    So here's some raw helmet camera footage from my commute around Old Street:

    As you can see, it's pretty shaky! Although your body damps the small vibrations, you still end up like a nodding dog with lots of movement. This can be post-stabilised to improve things:

    This was done in Adobe After Effects. I didn't really know what I was at, so I just clicked a bunch of defaults but you can get the gist. I think you can also get it to crop out the black surround. However, this took a really long time to process (1080p @ 60fps) just for a 5min clip. Can't remember how long, but definitely ~1hr+.

    To try the alternative of mounting to the handlebars, I got a cheap mount from eBay and here's some footage:

    It's much more watchable without stabilisation but still has little vibrations from the crap roads in London. I'm sure this could be stabilised much more easily than the helmet mounted footage.

    From a commuting perspective, I would still be inclined to keep it helmet mounted as it follows where you are looking. But if I actually wanted to record to watch back for something other than getting a number plate, I think handlebar mounted is the way to go.

    Hope this is of some use!


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