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  • To save a bit of time in the endless discussion / negotation of routes for club runs, I thought it might be useful if we saved routes here (along with a brief description) to help people choose from tried and trusted routes (if they want to). Feel free to add any. Unless stated otherwise, assume that they start and finish at the Town Hall on Forest Road, Walthamstow - even though most people won't actually return to the town hall if it's not on their way home - so distances are calculated on that basis.

    Here are a few to start with (fast group rides, so no cafe stops built in):

    The fast group did this a few times in the summer of June 2014 and again more recently (with a detour to Fyfield by accident). A nice ride east through Lambourne End, Navestock and Stondon Massey, north up through Norton Heath, round to Matching Green and then on the return leg a succession of sprints for the Moreton village sign, the Toot Hill village sign, the Theydon Bois village sign (just over the motorway bridge) and Coppice Row hill sprint to the two '40' signs on either side of the road. About 55 miles.

    Did this in September 2013. Some climbing sprints in Epping Forest and through Abridge to kick off, then a more enjoyable flatter section out to Kelvedon Hatch, then back through Ongar for the sting in the tail: three more Epping Forest hill sprints. About 52 miles.

    A route out and around Hanningfield Reservoir and back. Kind of did this the other week, but just retraced our steps for most of the way back after a lengthy delay for a broken wheel (!) About 64 miles.

    Uses the Old Harlow – Matching Green – Hatfield Heath road racing circuit. Takes the quickest route up there (straight up through Epping to the M11 roundabout), then skirts around Harlow and goes round the circuit . It takes a more meandering route back with the good old Moreton, Toot Hill, Theydon Bois and Coppice Row sprints (described above) featuring. We did this in August 2014 to help Alex prepare for a race on this circuit. About 54 miles.


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