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  • So, I've got my Garmin Virb and tried it out for the first time yesterday. I have a million questions and will try to work my way through them (and hopefully get some answers).

    First up, here's the edited down video of the first little bit of the ride yesterday:

    I've managed to get the data on there that I want (more or less). Alex told me how to sync the picture with the data by linking a particular frame to an exact part of the route. I noticed that you have to keep doing this for different sections because every time the Garmin goes off (e.g. if you stop at a junction for a few seconds) and the camera is still running they get out of sync again. The data that's in this clip seems to match pretty much to what's happening (the 'bearing' gauge is useful for judging this). The things that don't seem to work so well are, I assume, because of the way the Garmin measures them, rather than a syncing problem. For example, if you look at the cadence just after the 1:00 point of the video, you can see it tumbling down from 90ish to zero over a few seconds - obviously in reality I didn't slow my cadence, I just started freewheeling, so the change should have been instantaneous. Also, jump to 2:23 and you can see me starting the steep climb out of the underpass. the 'grade' gauge reads zero for about two-thirds of the climb and then rises from 3% to 7% once I'm back on the flat - but this is what happens on the Garmin itself, there's always a lag between the actual gradient and the data on screen.


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