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  • Here's another route which I did at the end of July last summer (but I've only just got round to editing down the video). Walthamstow - Hastings in about 76 miles. Down through Stratford, Plaistow and the Royal Docks to the Woolwich Ferry (though, to be honest, it's faster to use the foot tunnel instead). For most of the rest of the route from Woolwich onwards I used the route planner on the LCC website which was brilliant - first of all in getting me out of the south-east London suburban sprawl on loads of back roads, and then getting me out onto obscure little lanes in Kent. It's all a bit ugly for the first 25 miles or so, but a few miles after leaving Dartford you get out into decent countryside. There's a lengthy bit of climbing up to a village called Fairseat and then a worryingly steep descent on the other side on Vigo Hill on the way to Trottiscliffe. Lots of villages with pubs that you could stop at - I think I had a lunchbreak at one in Yalding and another break in a pub in Seddlescombe. The mid-section of the ride is flat, but the last 25 miles are relentlessly tough - you're always climbing or descending, with a welcome plunge down Elphinstone Road at high speed into Hastings itself. I only had time for a quick look at the sea before heading to the station.
    Here's the route:

    Here's the video (four mins):


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