• Here is the recent discussion on the Facebook group:
    "In the weekly debate at the town hall about what groups are going where and at what speed, do you think its possible to be a bit more organised?
    I was thinking we could perhaps formalise Jamie's club run routes thread on the forum in a table with reference, description, length, RideWithGPS link etc, and then have some kind of rota (maybe done a month in advance?). We could then could see where we're going and download the route.
    As to different speed groups, I don't know what the solution is to this. Maybe there isn't a problem, but we always seem to fracture.
    If we do start out together on a general 'fast ride', perhaps we point out a few LVCC people with the route that people can stick to, and maybe a broom wagon rider? If more people have the route on their Garmins, this would be a bit easier

    "how many people are going out at the weekends? I can certainly add some routes. Having seen other clubs they are quite specific about what sort of ride it is. We're not a massive club. So a slow one will wait for everyone newcomers etc, medium 28/29km/h will wait for people then 31-32km/h not waiting? These are just suggestions thrown out there. I think you're right it does need to be organized a bit better especially for newer members of the club or people wanting to join"

    "As to group speeds, it's already sorted informally isn't it? There's already a long and short ride and now there's the faster group going regularly, we have a fast group. Could just call them A, B and C groups and assign a ride leader for each."

    "Agreed, create a few routes first. have a rota (obviously things come up last minute). We used to ride at the pace of the slowest rider but people have got faster and slower. maybe have a Training ride and a fast group. fast group waits training ride stops for no man..."


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