• Thanks Martin. I don't think that would work because our slowest group will always do a shorter route, plus John's group will always be heading to a cafe (while the faster groups don't have that restriction on their route planning).
    A variant on that - a looooooooooooong time ago (1989) when I was a teenager I was briefly a member of Bishop's Stortford CC. At that time they had a lot of active riders including some decent racers. There might have 30-odd riders out for the club runs and they split into three groups. All three groups rode different routes but (unless my memory is playing tricks on me) all aimed to arrive at the same cafe stop at approximately the same time. So, say they all set off around 9am, and all aimed to meet up at the same cafe around 11am, the fast group might have done 38 miles to get there, whereas the slow group might only have done 25 miles.
    Another club, Horsham Cycling (down in Sussex), has no less than SEVEN different groups with distinct roles and name ride leades - see the details here: http://www.horshamcycling.co.uk/joomla15­/index.php?option=com_content&view=artic­le&id=47&Itemid=65 I went out with them once a few years ago and it was well-organised, but they probably have 50-100 riders heading out each Sunday so it's easier for them to have so many groups.


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