• Thanks for raising this Jamie. As you know , organising club runs is one of the things that keeps me awake at night.
    In theory we have 3 groups. The fast, 18mph+ group, John's group 15mphish and a breakfast stop, and my slow, new starters group which aims to be back in e17 by 1pm..
    Our problem is that we have too many routes and not enough leaders. We also have a fluctuating group of riders. Mind you , that's not always a problem as we can design rides around the needs and capabilties of the riders. So we are not as inflexible as some other clubs and we can take on beginners.

    So lets keep this debate going .

    One last thing, the idea of the club meeting @ the Wynwood Cafe on Sunday before the rides was to sort out the runs in the warm and the dry over a cup of tea of coffee. I think that's working but it would be great if more of us met up there first.


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