• Jamie, As you know I am not out that often due to family commitments and am one of the slower guys in the fast group so I think sharing the route beforehand is a great idea and would take the stress out of the possibility of being dropped in no mans land. It may also not be too difficult to organise beforehand via fb or forum who is out and who fancies what speed and this be included in the FB weekly message. The idea of the fast group starting out together with an option to split could work well. Just needs the options to be discussed and possible leaders to be agreed upfront. Personally I enjoy the challenge of riding with the fast group and don't expect the group to wait (although you and others have kindly done so in the past) hence my recent purchase of a garmin :)
    David, I am not sure 10miles is enough for people to decide which group to be in. Maintaining a fast pace over 10miles with fresh legs is not always the issue. It's maintaining that pace after 40 or so miles which catches people out (me included). That's why I think a clearer understanding of the expectations of the ride i.e who is happy to wait (fast social) and who doesn't (training ride) is a good idea and it still allows us to set off together and gives us slower guys a chance to improve and get faster. Therefore in summary I think we should start by :

    1. Sharing a route, as per DV suggestions.
    2. Based on who is out decide what speed/type of ride people want.
      Just doing this will help align people's expectations and hopefully avoid confusion while out. This can then be relayed to any new comers who want to join the fast group on the day.
  • Good points, Huw.

    I agree with David that once we have worked out what the 'rules' are, we should have a permanent page on our website (which can be linked to each week from Facebook) outlining the etiquette/expectations of the faster group rides, then we don't need to spell it out every week outside the town hall.
    Also, settling on a route by, say Thurs/Fri, and then uploading it and publicising it will mean that (hopefully) most of the people on the ride will know exactly where they are going.
    As for the two fast groups thing - there are several different ways we could do this and a lot of it is going to depend on who is actually out on any given weekend. Another option I thought of (though this may just overcomplicate things) is to give the 'faster fast' group and extra 2 or 3 mile loop to do at the mid-point of the ride, so that the 'slower fast' group can overtake them - then we might all see each other again.


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