• First attempt at collating club run routes here:

    • I've tried to group them regarding their general direction.
    • There's a few that are pretty similar - namely NorthEast2&3 and the two Epping Hill ones (one is the 'All the Hills' route with the other a device of torture devised by Pedro)
    • Some are more flowing than others e.g. the west route through Hertford I included for variety is good once it gets going but is a bit slow and congested at the start.
    • Some are a bit more specialist (Dunmow for fast time trialling, Epping Hills for um..hills)
    • We could effectively have endless permutations, especially of the NorthEast ones. How many do you think we need? I would have thought 5-6 general rolling plus the specials (epping hills and dunmow time trial).

    All the routes are probably slightly messy regarding their start and end points. Once we pick a few, I can start to tidy them up.


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