• Cheers, David. Barnaby (or User62031 as he prefers to be called) put a couple of his up on the routes thread yesterday as well - can these be added? He has his own route out of London which I've only done once, but I liked it. You know your Herts ride route (or 'West' as you've called it)? The only bit I didn't like about that was the bit in the town of Hertford itself, especially the roundabout where you join the A414 - is there any way of avoiding that?
    I don't think we need to restrict ourselves to rides all in the 50-55 mile range. There will be times when some people want to go further and I know various people have done rides out to the Blue Egg and back.
    On another note - if John is poorly and off the bike indefinitely, that will have an impact on club runs as there will be quite a gap between Ed's group and the fast group.


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