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  • New question: what's the best way to mount a Virb for shooting backwards? It looks like you can either get a mount to fix it to the seatpost or get a different mount to fix it to the saddle rail. I got the K-edge Combo Out Front mount last summer, which goes onto the handlebars and lets you put the Garmin on the top and the Virb underneath (upside-down) and then used the supplied adaptor to fit the Virb to that.
    If got this K-edge saddle rail mount, would that be the most straightforward for transferring the Virb from the front to the back? Would I even be able to do that simply mid-ride (if I had both mounts on), or are there bits that needs to be unscrewed etc.?
    Alternatively (and more cheaply), this Garmin thing says it will fit on the seat post. But I can't visualize it - how would you set it up so that it didn't hit your legs? Also, would the fact that this is made for Virb (not Go-Pro, like the front one, which is why it uses an adaptor) make it more difficult to transfer between the front and back?


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