• Colin - each year that I've been in the club (every season from 2009), I've been asked to provide my fastest TT times in any event (i.e. not just ones promoted by the club) to whoever works out who wins the prizes. I'm not sure how it works: there seem to be some prizes related to club events (which, presumably, you don't have to provide your times for as the club should already know them) and others that are across all competitions.

  • Hi. Sorry it might be confusing. The prizes for the club events eg club 25, club 30 etc can only be awarded if you enter into the club events that I posted in the Club Handbook Supplement. As Jamie says you don't necessarily need to supply your times as we hold these in club records. At the end of the year we will also work out your handicap for the club handicap event.
    But the award for club champion can include any event you have entered. As long as it includes a 10, 25, 30 and 50 TT. Sorry its a bit obtuse but keep riding those TT.


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