• Hi there, I am new to the area, and came across the forum. Im currently trying to get my miles up ahead of a couple of long rides in the summer, and not really knowing any other cyclists locally, I thought Id see if I could join you guys on some of your sunday morning rides?..Im obviously not a member, but read on another thread about a social membership? Id be more than happy to join up etc! Thanks!

  • Come along Josh - the more the merrier!

    We meet on Sunday at 9am just outside the Town Hall in Walthamstow. We then have a very quick discussion about who wants to do what pace and off we go. Generally the rides tend to be between 45-60miles with three or so different pace groups suited to whoever is there and what they fancy doing.

    Come along - see how you like it and you can then join on the British Cycling website.


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