• Hi Ed. As ever, I'm totally snowed under with work at the moment, but hopefully things will be better in a couple of weeks. I want to make a survey and put it on Facebook / the forum and get Steve to e-mail it to all members - when I've got the results of that I should have some suggestions for the committee (probably in time for your June meeting).

    In the meantime - what's happening about club circuit races? The two at the velopark in 2014 and the one we did at Hog Hill last year were very popular. It's clear that lots of members want to take part in them (far more than want to TT on the E2), but it's not clear what's happening in terms of organizing them.

    We always have the 'Len Cooper' circuit race as our club championship each year. Ideally, this should be in the summer when everyone is fit and racing. In 2014 we did it in early September, which worked well, but in other seasons it's ended up being shunted to late November which is far from ideal - a lot of people have switched into 'off season' mode by then. In June 2013, as an experiment, we had an extra circuit race (distinct from the Len Cooper) at Hog Hill which was very popular. As a result of that, the plan was to organize four or five of these per year (in addition to the Len Cooper). However, in 2014 there was only one circuit race in addition to the Len Cooper (and this ended up being held about a week before Christmas in the freezing cold), and last year there was nothing other than the Len Cooper.

    I'm not aware of any dates having been set for any circuit races this year. People make plans and enter races well in advance, so really things need to be booked and announced at least two months beforehand. Running the Len Cooper as a TLI event worked well last year and using the lower circuit of Hog Hill seems to be the most cost-effective approach - could we get two or three of these lined up for the second half of this season? Who is in charge of this - is it Trevor as the road race guy or someone else or nobody in particular? If the latter, I'm sure there are plenty of us that would be willing to work together to get it organized.


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