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  • Hi Johnny, welcome to Lea Valley! I'm not sure a route has been decided but will see who else is due to come along. Typically there are a few groups:

    • A social group doing about 50 miles at a steady 14mph or so, usually with a café stop at some point.

    • A medium-paced group doing a similar distance, perhaps 60 miles at 16-17mph, sometimes stopping, sometimes not. Often not as people tend to like to be back at certain times.

    • A fast, race-pace group/chaingang going at 19+mph, no stops, but depends on who has been racing the day before and whether the fast guys turn up or not.

    We tend to be fairly flexible on how fast/how far/how many groups depending on who turns up on the Sunday, but a route for a faster group should be posted on the Facebook page by the weekend hopefully.

    Re. membership, you don't have to be a member immediately, come along on Sunday, and you can join later; best way is via the British Cycling website. It's £25 for the calendar year:­rofile/1376/lea_valley_cc



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