• Hi All,
    If you wish to be considered for club awards for those that have entered open events that were not origanised by Lea Valley Cycle Club, competitors must provide their time along with a copy of their entry form, entry sheet and result sheet to Mark Freeman (the time trial secretary) by Monday 7th November 2016 if they wish to be considered for the end of year awards given out at the club dinner.

    Club and Open EVENTS 2016 ; The following events were set as club events this year. If you entered these events you don't need to submit your times.
    Can those that entered these events on line, in order to work out your handicap time, can you please send Mark Freeman (time trial secretary) a copy of your entry form / or your fastest time in the 2 years prior to the event.

    The following are counted as Club Events

    13th March 25 mile E1/25c*
    9th April 25 mile E2/25*
    7th May 10 mile E2/10*
    10th May 10 mile (LVCC Tuesday Tens)
    to 12th July
    14th May 50 mile E2/50 (ECCA 50)*
    19th June 100 mile E2/100 (ECCA 100)*
    10th July 25 mile E1/25c (Bill Major)
    25th September 30 mile E1/30*
    2nd October 25 mile E1/25b*
    6th November Hill Climb EH/11

    The current results for club events awards so far are;
    10m TT.

    1. David Veitch ; 20:07
    2. Colin Ross ; 22:13
    3. Adam Bishop ; 23:34
    4. Carsten Meilandt ; 23:39
    5. Paul Roberts ; 23:40
    6. A Galloway ; 23:41
      Tim Holmes ; 23:41

    25m TT

    1. David Veitch; 50:55:00
    2. Colin Ross ; 59:55:00
    3. Adam Bishop ; 01:02:27

    30m TT

    1. Neil Davis; 01:22:54
    2. Mark Freeman ; 01:31:15

    50m TT;

    1. Adam Bishop ; 02:02:58

    100m TT
    Please submit.

    Please let me know if you have any results to submit.


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