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  • Hi Charlie,
    A quick question first - it could take months to design a new website, will it be possible to get the photos updated on the current one in the meantime?
    Just some initial thoughts: I think the website would have two purposes for two separate groups of people. One is essentially as an advert for the club and first information point for anyone who is looking to join a club and considering Lea Valley CC. To this end, it needs to look good (with the same rebranding recently carried out to the Facebook page) and needs to have several pages explaining who we are and what we do. There should be at least a page devoted to club runs (typical group sizes, average speeds, ride lengths / routes, expectations in terms of what to bring / how to ride) as this is how many people first encounter the club. The other big thing that brings people to the club is the Tuesday Tens, so it's worth having a whole page devoted to this too. It should also have links to the club Facebook page / tumblr blog / forum (or, ideally, the forum could be incorporated into the website).
    The other group is existing club riders. At the moment we have no reason to use the website at all - all it really does at the moment is point to Facebook etc. It would be useful if it had links / documents / pages that many members are likely to want / need over the course of a year. To give a few examples: the programme of races that we will be putting on during the season, a rosta of marshalling duties, a list of other events we're putting on (including social events), a list of club records, etc.
    More later


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