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  • I agree with Jamie. The website does 2 things. One is an outward facing:

    This is who we are:
    A basic intro into club
    Club Heritage
    Club Committee

    This is what we do:
    Club Runs
    A page could be done for each.

    For instance
    Club Runs
    Could have most of the routes we generally do
    It could have a strava widget for LVCC
    It should have a breakdown of what happens on runs, what you can expect, who is welcome, what are the rules and etiquette

    Town Hall

    Then the website should be for members as an information point:

    Calendar of races - is it possible for people to be able to put their names down so we can see who is doing what?
    Calendar of TT's - I don't know if this info can be taken from elsewhere otherwise a bit of a pain to manually put it in.
    Calendar of other events, marshalling duties etc

    Potentially a club kit shop?

    Forum - I think it would be great if this could be used instead of Facebook, which is incredibly handy but can be really difficult to follow. This shouldn't be difficult and perhaps can be used through an app so makes it easier for people to sue. I guess there is an existing thing that can be used.

    I don't think it will take months. I think as soon as the basics are nailed down and text written it won't take long to build. And to be honest it doesn't need to do everything straight away. We could put the site up with the basics and then add to it.


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