• Hello All fellow TT entrants. The following are the details of LVCC Time Trial events for 2017.
    Entrants are not restricted to these events and are welcome to all open and London East club events. Please see enclosed attachments for rules.

    Let's also use this page for competitors to post their results so that we can see who's the club leader for the various distances.

    I look forward to your posts.
    Mark (LVCC, TT Sec)

    ----Club, Interclub and Open EVENTS 2017----

    12th March 9am 25 mile E1/25c*
    19th March 9am 25mile E1/25b (interclub)
    8th April 2pm 25 mile E2/25
    6th May 2pm 10 mile E2/10
    9th May 7pm 10 mile (LVCC Tuesday Tens)
    to 18th July
    13th May 2pm 50 mile E2/50 (ECCA 50)*
    18th June 6am 100 mile E2/100 (ECCA 100)
    2nd July 9.30am 30mile E1/30 (interclub)
    9th July 9am 25 mile E1/25c (Bill Major)
    24th September 8am 30 mile E1/30*
    1st October 8am 25 mile E1/25b
    29th October 10am Hill Climb EH/11

    Club Events for Club Awards and Club Handicap Awards are marked with *
    The Bill Major has its own club award
    Open Events are in bold

    Club awards and Club Handicap awards for 50m and 100m can also include entries in 22ndJuly Shaftesbury 50 E2/50 2pm and 16th July East District Ca (District Championship) (BBAR) East Region (Norfolk) B100/4 6am.

    For Club Time Trial Championships awards (for awards see Club Handbook 2015) competitors must provide an entry form (if entered online please download an entry form at the time of submission) start sheet and result sheet to the Time Trial Secretary by 15th October 2017. NB the responsibility of entry to these awards lays with the rider NOT TT Sec.

    All awards are presented at Club Dinner at the end of the year.

    http://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk or http://www.cttlondoneast.org.uk/

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