The cafe that we were expecting to go to in Brasted will be closed, so we're intending to go to the Landemare Cafe at Chartwell instead. This makes the route about 3 miles longer in total and involves a little detour after Brasted before rejoining the original route near Ide Hill. I've edited the route to put this detour in:

    Also, there are now three groups, not two, each with different departure times:

    A group: leaving from the town hall at 8am, riding fast ("B+ pace") and doing a 100-mile route which is largely the same as the others, but once down in Sussex diverts away from Herstmonceux and instead heads further west to take in Beachy Head and Eastbourne before rejoining the route as we head east along the coast: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/30917819

    Social: leaving at 8:30am and going at relatively gentle pace (13-14mph)

    B group: leaving at 9:00am and going at a moderate pace (16-17mph)


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