• Hello, this thread is for anyone who is going riding during the week anytime and would like to see if someone wishes to join them, does anyone know how to set up alerts to make this process easier?

  • Hi Steven. I'm often free during the week. The Facebook page is usually the best way to do it. You could message Jamie Fake who runs it or one of the other admins. I think Alex Sweeting also has "priveliges" :)

  • cough
    1) Who are you, user53170?
    2) I had already been in touch with Steven via the Facebook page (as 'Lea Valley') and suggested he set up this thread!
    3) I don't actually run the Facebook page, people just think I do because I do a lot of the posts. Steve M is in control of it and does the weekly club run & club night reminders. Most of the other posts are by me or Edward, occasionally by Alex or Chrystyna.

  • Hello, I'm heading out for a few hours tomorrow afternoon, anyone interested? Steven

  • Hello, I'm heading out tomorrow, starting at 10am at the town hall for 2/3 hrs. If anyone is interested drop me a line. Steven

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Cycling during the week (morning, afternoon, evening)

Posted by Avatar for StevenB @StevenB