2016 AGM follow up.

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  • Dear LVCC members,

    Thank you to everyone who attended the club's AGM on the 12th December.

    Ahead of the minutes coming out I am going to place in this thread the officers' reports and a few notes on some of the suggestions member made during the meeting. Do start another thread on those items if you want to.

  • Track Secretary's Report 2016

    The progress continues on from last year.
    Our main riders were Carsten Meilandt, Paul Roberts and Adam Bishop. Their success was superb, gaining places throughout the Winter Full Gas series.

    Paul then continued to ride through out the summer and discovered he had a passion for motor pace. Finally ended as a 12th place in the National Motor Pace event.

    Next year, his concentration will be very focussed on this event and we wish him well with that.
    Martin Godfrey continued his track riding on the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome in Glasgow, and we wish him success also.

    Chystyna Sofia continues with her accreditation leading to track league racing, and we wish her the best of luck in her pursuit.

    Any members wishing to gain Track accreditation, please get in touch with , as there are more track sessions available now.

    So it just leaves me again to wish all our track riders success in 2017

    John Summerhayes

  • The Presidents Report 2016

    What a wonderful year we had! I think this is down to two things, namely the hard work and input by all the Club officials and helpers and the pretty fantastic rides done by our riders.

    Again we have had a busy Road Race season and a pretty successful one at that, with many points being gained by all. We really are getting a name for ourselves, doing particularly well in the UCI Cambridge close road event; With thousands of riders, ours all finished in the top 225 places. This means, wait for it! that all of our riders actually qualified to go to the World Championships in Australia. Sadly the cost was prohibitive . However, in 2017 they are riding the event again, hoping to qualify, and if successful will find the Wold Championships a little closer to home, in fact just across the Channel in France.

    Time Trialing in the club has moved up to a new level this year. David Veitch did some superb rides this year, he broke the club record for the 25 miles, with a time of 50:54 , the 10 mile record with a time of 20:07 and a brilliant second place ride in our Comet 25.

    Onto The Dick Murphy Memorial Trophy; we had not been privileged to win this for quite a number of years but this year we did! With team made up of James Hodges, Colin Ross and Adam Bishop.
    All our LVCC riders out performed themselves this year, and I heartily congratulate you all

    The best improver award could not be awarded this year because everybody so excelled themselves who could we possibly pick?!

    The Velo Park Ten's as always a success, this is in no doubt down to the stalwart efforts of Joe Mumford who as ever, (and know I said last year) we are indebted to. The number of riders was as high as ever and an enjoyable time was seemingly had by all. We have been very praised for our organisation of the series, and it has been mentioned that other clubs wish they could do like wise.

    It has taken an immense amount of energy and time to run this series, but it has bought the club valuable financial gains, also recognition and dare I say a certain amount of kudos.
    We have an urgent matter pertaining to this series next year, because next year we have to have transponders in place. (We are hoping that the cost will be split three ways between us and two other clubs.) This said we will still need 5 or so people in the box, so don't all think that you can take a day off!

    Stephen Maunder our Club Secretary for over five years now has passed the batten on to who knows yet, I would like to take this opportunity to thank him so much for his contribution to Club life, because he had a very unenviable task in many ways as he brought us, the club onto the social media scene. Our Club pages have really been invaluable in getting ourselves recognition to a wider public, and this really is all down to Stephen, it has had such a direct impact on our increased membership. We are now going to have a team in this field which we are grateful that Stephen is going to be a part of. Again thank you Stephen.

    Onto Club Runs , they continue to grow from strength to strength and has been so well attended throughout the year, rain or shine, culminating last Sunday with more people than I can count, and I can count right up to 50! Seriously there were getting on for 40 plus.

    There were 4 rides organised all of different of levels, one being, our first all Ladies ride, which was extremely well organised, well attended, well enjoyed and hopefully the start of many.

    Ride London must also be mentioned, this really was a great success for us. We had a total of 27 riders, 4 or 5 of which were representing charities of their choice, David Veitch finished in the first group and came in 17th out of 26,000....true! In a fantastic time of 3:58; Carsten came in 4 hours dead because of a mechanical problem and many of other members finished within 4:15

  • Chairman’s Report 2016.

    It’s the end of another busy year for the club. We have seen records broken and our membership increase. We have a new design for the club kit and we have run 6 time trials, two road races and the ever Tuesday Ten series .That’s nearly 20 events.

    None of these events could have happened without the help of those members of the club who volunteer to run or help run them. So thank you Joe, Don , Gloria, Mike , Frieda , Ian and everyone else who sat in the box on Tuesday nights.

    Thank you to everyone who drove out to the E2 to spend a spring afternoon on the side of the A11. So thank you also Emma, Caroline, all the Chris’s, Mark and everyone else. Thank you to everyone who got up early to marshal on the E1 or the Road Race; even though the Road Race was cancelled.

    Thank you all of you and everyone else that helped us run these events.

    I’d like to thank Chrystyna, Monica and other for promoting more events for women in the club. The success of Ladies who Lap is something the club should note.

    Thank you to the committee members for their work to administer the club. As this is Steve Maunder last year as club secretary I’d like to thank him for all his work for the club over the last years.
    I’d like to thank John, our President, for his inspirational leadership. John is always generous in the support and advice he gives to all club members and especially to our new members.

    Thank you to everyone who led or helped run a club run .

    Looking ahead, there are, I think, some challenges for us over the next year. We will debate later the refurbishment of the Race HQ, buying Race Chips and how to increase the participation of our female members in the life of the club ; but I ‘d also like us to think about the following:
    • Club Runs- more members of different abilities means we need to review how we organise and manage our Sunday morning rides.That said, I don’t want us to lose our friendly, welcoming and flexible approach to these rides.
    • Better communication with our members- to successfully communicate with all our members we need to use more than one platform and not just rely on the FB page.
    • Better management of the membership list
    • Responding to the members’ ideas for the club- the club exists for its members.
    • Increasing the number of Timekeepers other “officials” within the club.

    And finally, thank you to anyone who I have forgotten to mention. Here’s to another great year for LVCC

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2016 AGM follow up.

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