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    I need a long ride that weekend rather than a TT, so I'll ride up and help out. I'll be there from 9am. I'm happy to ride to the furthest turn as well if needed!

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    Armin - I should be able to marshal. I'll ride up in the morning - what time would you need me there? Neil

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    Thank you to everyone who kept me company at the Velostudio winter training sessions. With the race season officially underway, I'm going to ease off the indoor training now and hopefully start training outside on the road circuit more often - a reminder that Eagle Road CC do a chaingang session on Thursdays that we are welcome to join.

    It was great to see so many of you and I hope you enjoyed the sessions. I think our record was 12 LVCC members at one session. The prize for best attendance has to go to Lewis and Rosie (no trophy yet I'm afraid).

    The Velostudio sessions continue all year for those who want to keep going. There's a monthly calendar on the LVVP website with details of what's coming up:

    Thanks again

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    Mark - can I check if the 19 March 25m TT is going ahead? It wasn't listed on Joe's newsletter. And what do you mean by interclub - are we racing against someone else? Thanks

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    The TT season kicks off soon (for hardy types anyhow) and the sun might even start to warm our backs on Sundays in the not too distant future.

    I'm going to keep up the wattbike sessions until the start of March, so if you want to add some variety to your training (and you are bored of staring at a laptop on the turbo) or if you've done nothing since Christmas and need to blow away the cobwebs in the legs come along and give it a go.

    Details below (and if you can't make Thursdays, LVVP have a programme of other sessions every day):

    Sessions are for an hour every Thursday starting at 7pm (arrive at 6.45 to set up). The sessions will be based on the Sufferfest training videos, using high spec Wattbikes. And there will be a coach to keep us honest and fill bidons.

    Cost is £10 per session. Pay on the day at reception or book in advance online (ask for / search for Sufferfest coached session).

    Any questions, let me know...


    Some small print:
    ◦Sessions start at 7pm but I suggest arriving 10 minutes early to set up the bike and your Garmin.

    ◦It's easy to sync your Garmin to the Wattbike to record your power numbers and benchmark your progress (or compare numbers if you dare).

    ◦The Wattbike pedals are compatible with Look Keo, Shimano SPD (MTB) cleats or trainers (no SPD SL unfortunately)

    ◦There are fans but it gets hot, so worth bringing a water bottle and small towel.

    ◦Normal lightweight bib and jersey is best (you will boil in winter kit!).

    More information:
    ◦All about Sufferfest training videos: thesufferfest.com/

    ◦Wattbikes (seriously cool): wattbike.com/uk/home

    ◦LVVP Velostudio: visitleevalley.org.uk/en/content/cms/lon­don2012/velo-park/fitness/

    ◦VeloStudio youtube video: youtube.com/watch?v=cJoLmbFfGac

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    Thank you to everyone who came along last night and to all those promising to come in future.

    I'm going to change my advice about not booking, given that it was so busy last night.

    If you know you are coming along, I'd suggest booking online in advance if you can (they close online bookings the day before). That way they will know what numbers to expect and be ready (they seemed surprised by the high turnout). But you don't need to book in advance and can still pay at reception as usual.

    Also, I do recommend turning up at 6.50 for a 7pm start. Naturally the coaches want to start promptly so they can finish and clear off home on time. Also, if you are late and the wattbikes are all full (they have 12) then the backup is the Matrix bikes (these are fine and have power meters, etc, but they aren't quite as cool as the wattbikes and you can't put the data on your garmin).