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    Current Entries as of 19/3/18

    Rank name---------- club-------25 miles PB
    1 Matthew Smith DRAG2ZERO 00:45:59
    2 Stuart Travis Team Bottrill / Vanguard 00:46:32
    3 Brett Harwood Team Bottrill / Vanguard 00:46:40
    4 Liam Maybank Twickenham CC 00:46:58
    5 James Rix Team Bottrill / Vanguard 00:47:11
    6 David Langlands Team Bottrill / Vanguard 00:47:50
    7 MARK JONES DRAG2ZERO 00:48:01
    8 Julian Elliott Finsbury Park CC 00:48:26
    9 Rob Young Team Vision Racing - Silverhook 00:48:28
    10 Joe Gorman Stevenage CC 00:48:46
    11 Richard Harrison DRAG2ZERO 00:48:56
    12 Ross Clarke TMG Horizon Cycling Team 00:49:04
    13 David Veitch Lea Valley CC 00:49:07
    14 Matt Peel C and N Cycles RT 00:49:54
    15 Jack Levick Tuxford Clarion C C 00:49:56
    16 Henrik Persson Kingston Wheelers CC 00:50:04
    17 Mark Flannery Team Swift 00:50:05
    18 Geir Robinson Regents Park Rouleurs 00:50:08
    19 Alice Lethbridge DRAG2ZERO 00:50:20
    20 Dave Green CC Breckland 00:50:35
    21 Howard Shaw Eastbourne Rovers CC 00:50:35
    22 Mark Newton Elite Cycling 00:50:45
    23 Richard Gifford trainSharp 00:50:54
    24 Keith Dorling Team Bottrill / Vanguard 00:50:59
    25 Andy Whale Verulam Really Moving 00:50:59
    26 Glenn Taylor Shorter Rochford RT 00:51:06
    27 Alex Leek Velo Club St Raphael 00:51:13
    28 Matthew Reader Verulam CC 00:51:15
    29 Jonathan Gould Cheltenham & County Cycling Club 00:51:15
    30 paul vickers West Suffolk Wheelers 00:51:15
    31 Joe Skipper Team Skipper 00:51:15
    32 robert watson Team Bottrill / Vanguard 00:51:31
    33 Andy Lack Paceline RT 00:51:34
    34 Terry Garlinge Team Vision Racing - Silverhook 00:51:37
    35 Michiel Vaal Team Backstedt Bike Performance 00:51:41
    36 Andrew Grant Cambridge CC 00:51:44
    37 John Brearley Squadra RT 00:51:45
    38 matt steel Shaftesbury CC 00:51:52
    39 Andrew Wright High Wycombe CC 00:52:08
    40 Michael Martin CC Ashwell 00:52:15
    41 Karl Willis Herts Rouleurs Racing Club 00:52:16
    42 Simon Scott Anglia Velo 00:52:22
    43 Chris Ward Team Swift 00:52:25
    44 Thomas Dean Eagle Road Club 00:52:26
    45 Matt Kuwertz Southborough & Dist. Whs 00:52:29
    46 Paul French Bedfordshire Road RT 00:52:33
    47 Abid Hussain Icknield RC 00:52:43
    48 Steve Kaye Fenland Clarion CC 00:52:45
    49 Mike Appleyard Lancashire RC 00:52:45
    50 peter watson Harrogate Nova CC 00:52:46
    51 Chris Tye Plomesgate CC 00:52:49
    52 Richard Weatherstone C and N Cycles RT 00:52:49
    53 Richard Jennings Army Cycling Union 00:52:59
    54 Martin Winter Twickenham CC 00:53:00
    55 Alastair Semple Stafford RC 00:53:02
    56 Lee Turner Sigma Sports 00:53:08
    57 Stuart Fairweather Team Velovelocity 00:53:11
    58 Peter Hooper Eastbourne Rovers CC 00:53:14
    59 Colin Lizieri Cambridge CC 00:53:14
    60 Sam Wightman Chelmer CC 00:53:34
    61 Grant Orsborn Bedfordshire Road CC 00:53:36
    62 Daniel Ryan North Road CC 00:53:36
    63 Robert Bullyment Catford CC 00:53:46
    64 Kevin Stokes Born to Bike - Bridgtown Cycles 00:54:00
    65 Steve Clarke TMG Horizon Cycling Team 00:54:01
    66 David Crisp 3T-RACING 00:54:06
    67 Keith Stockwell Welwyn Whs 00:54:09
    68 nick Hanson Seacroft Whs 00:54:17
    69 Roger Porter Verulam CC 00:54:20
    70 Philip Watkins North Norfolk Whs 00:54:29
    71 Nick ESSER D A P Cycling Club 00:54:32
    72 Joe Simons Albarosa CC 00:54:34
    73 Mike O'Gorman Worthing Excelsior CC 00:54:43
    74 Stephen Tierney Team Bottrill / Vanguard 00:54:44
    75 Matt O'Brien Plomesgate CC 00:54:44
    76 Chris Dyason Cambridge CC 00:54:46
    77 Roger Sewell Wisbech Whs 00:54:49
    78 Anthony Bee Wigmore CC 00:54:49
    79 Gareth Williams Twickenham CC 00:54:50
    80 Chris Nudds CC Breckland 00:54:51
    81 Geoff Perry Born to Bike - Bridgtown Cycles 00:54:56
    82 Andy Sharman Baines Racing 00:55:05
    83 Marcus Fink Rapha Cycling Club 00:55:09
    84 Samuel Robinson Ashford Whs 00:55:11
    85 Andy Robinson Ashford Whs 00:55:12
    86 Jon Talbot Wisbech Whs 00:55:23
    87 Colin Ross Lea Valley CC 00:55:26
    88 Andrew Clarke Mid Shropshire Wheelers 00:55:35
    89 Julia Freeman Easterley Road Club 00:55:35
    90 James Walsgrove Ride Harder 00:55:41
    91 Robert Royston Sydenham Whs 00:55:49
    92 Barrie Whittaker Lyme Racing Club 00:55:54
    93 David Ross LFGSS CC 00:56:03
    94 Nick Boyle Chelmer CC 00:56:07
    95 Adrian Gorham Kettering CC 00:56:13
    96 ray retter North Devon Wheelers 00:56:18
    97 Richard Moule Bossard Whs 00:56:20
    98 Alan Lang Hartlepool CC 00:56:29
    99 chris womack VC Baracchi 00:56:47
    100 Michael Cope Kettering CC 00:56:50
    101 Steve Peck Ely & District CC/B&T Motor Repairs 00:56:53
    102 Mark Ready Diss & District CC 00:56:54
    103 Katja Rietdorf Born to Bike - Bridgtown Cycles 00:56:58
    104 Stuart Plows VeloElite RC 00:57:02
    105 cliff voller Newbury RC 00:57:12
    106 Sam BROWN Rapha Cycling Club 00:57:25
    107 Andrew Beaman Victoria Cycling Club 00:57:32
    108 Andy Proffitt Ipswich BC 00:57:41
    109 Daniel Homer London Phoenix CC 00:57:48
    110 Zoe Whiteside Team Bottrill / Vanguard 00:58:00
    111 Andrew Bright Chronos RT 00:58:00
    112 Nick Sexton Islington Cycling Club 00:58:27
    113 Becky Murley Wisbech Whs 00:58:33
    114 Carl Murley Wisbech Whs 00:58:40
    115 lynn Hanson Seacroft Whs 00:58:55
    116 RACHEL HOLMAN Ride Harder 00:58:56
    117 Oren Peleg Regents Park Rouleurs 00:58:56
    118 Leanne Cutler Hitchin Nomads CC 00:59:28
    119 eva nyirenda ...a3crg 00:59:39
    120 Wolfgang Emmerich London Phoenix CC 00:59:41
    121 Stewart Kirk CC Sudbury 00:59:55
    122 Tracy Rowlinson Lyme Racing Club 01:00:06
    123 Timothy Holmes Lea Valley CC 01:01:57
    124 Michael Newman Ashford Whs 01:02:25
    125 Damian Monaghan ABCpure 01:03:00
    126 Janet Fairclough St Helens CRC 01:03:43
    127 Trudy Sharam Lea Valley CC 01:03:50
    128 nigel fitzroy Chelmer CC 01:04:46
    129 Jenny Lee Yeovil Cycling Club 01:06:06
    130 Ellen Dyverfeldt Lea Valley CC 01:06:09
    131 Trevor Parrish A5 Rangers CC 01:07:20
    132 Peter Horsnell Chelmer CC 01:07:24
    133 Jennifer Andrews CC Ashwell 01:07:41
    134 Grazyna Monaghan ABCpure 01:08:00
    135 Mary Twitchett Cambridge CC 01:08:32
    136 Lesley Newman Ashford Whs 01:19:22
    137 Hugh Williams Redbridge CC 01:20:00

    MG72" and Tandems
    138 Richard Hutt Harp RC 55:37
    139 Gray Turnock Finsbury Park CC 50:37
    140 Pierre Scrase Baines Racing 56:15
    141 Barry McDonald 3T-RACING 54:52
    141 Gary Pamment 3T-RACING 56:00

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    Lea Valley introduce one of the fastest events of the season. Last year saw many fast times and PB's including the National Team 25 record being broken.
    We look forward to your entry.

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    Dear all,
    Thank you for your results.
    Submission is now closed.
    Awards shall be presented at the Club Dinner.
    Anyone not able to attend will have their awards at a later date.

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    Club Time Trial Championship Shield. Formerly the Comet CC Time Trial Championship Shield.

    Long Distance Shield. Formerly the Crescent Wheelers CC “The WYLIE Shield”.

    Club Best All Rounder Cup. Formerly the “ROSENBERG” Bowl presented to the Comet CC by Davies Rosenberg Esq 19 1921 as a team award in the Comet Open 25 until it was superseded by the “AUBURN” Trophy for that purpose.

    Time Trials Handicap Shield. Formerly the “OPPY” Shield presented to the Crescent Wheelers CC by the Cyclo Gear Co.

    Fastest 10. The “STOKES MEMORIAL” Cup purchased in 1966 by subscriptions from members of the Comet CC in memory of Herbert Stokes, for more than 40 years a devoted official.

    Fastest 25. The “ALWORTHY” Cup presented to the Comet CC by Tom Allworthy, Club President 1921-1974.

    Fastest 30. The “ALBION” Bowl presented to the Crescent Wheelers CC in 1953 by the Albion Cycling Club.

    Fastest 50. “BINKS 50” Cup presented to the Crescent Wheelers CC by H. Binks, President and long serving official of the club.

    Fastest 100. MEMORIAL Cup purchased by subscription from members of the Comet CC in memory of Clubmates fallen in wars.

    Best 12 hour Cup. The “RENEE BLACKBURN” Memorial Cup presented to the Comet CC by W. Blackburn in memory of his wife, for many years a popular Vice President of the Club.

    Best 24 hour Cup. Formerly the Crescent Wheelers CC Championship Cup re-presented to that club by the outright winner, Eric Beauchamp.

    Rule 3. Club Time Trial Championship.

    In all sections except (b) and (f) the winner will receive a trophy to be held one year and also a medal (coloured gold) .
    Each runner up will receive a medal (coloured silver). In sections (b) and (f) the winner will receive (at present) a plaque (coloured gold) and the runner up a medal (coloured silver).
    Performances in Club, Association and Open events will count in all sections except (g) and claims must be submitted in each instance. Section (g) is confined to Club events only and will be awarded automatically.

    (a) Club Time Trial Championship.
    To be decided each year by the fastest aggregate time over one 10, one 25, one 30 and one 50, a total of 115 miles

    (b) Ladies Time Trial Championship.
    To be decided each year by the fastest aggregate time over one 10, one 25 and one 50, a total of 85 miles.

    (c) Junior Time Trial Championship.
    To be decided each year by the fastest aggregate time over two 10’s and two 25’s, a total of 70 miles.

    (d) Best All Rounder Time Trial Championship.
    To be decided each year by the best aggregate over one 25, one 50 and one 100. A total of 175 miles.

    (e) Long Distance Time Trial Championship.
    To be decided each year by the best aggregate over one 50, one 100 and one 12 hour.

    (f) Veterans Time Trial Championship.
    To be decided each year by the best aggregate age standard over one 10, one 25 and one 50, a total of 85 miles. Result Sheets giving ACTUAL TIMES must be submitted.

    (g) Club Time Trial Handicap Championship.
    To be decide each year by the best aggregate handicap time in Club events only over one 25, one 50 and one 100, a total of 175 miles.

    (h) School-age Time Trial Championship to be decided each year by the fastest aggregate of three 10 mile time trials including the Velopark 10 series.

    Rule 4. Claims for Prizes and Awards.

    Only times done in Open, Association or Club events will count.

    (a) Every member must give the Time Trial Secretary result sheets for their fastest ride at every distance on every machine type each year by October 31st unless done in a Club event.

    (b) Members must claim and show proof of any awards including Standards that they believe they have won excluding all awards for Club events which will be awarded automatically.

    Rule 7. Club Records.

    Note:- By ruling of the inaugural meeting in 1969 original records are to be built up on each type of machine at each distance at the end of the Club’s first year or subsequent years until all are set.

    (a) Individual records: In the event of a member breaking a Club Record a special plaque will be awarded (one per rider per distance per machine type). Separate sets of records are applicable to Ladies and Men. From 1983 separate sets of records are to be built up for Juniors, male and female, below the age of 19 years.

    Times by PTT’s in other clubs’ events will not be accepted.

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    Hi All,
    Can you please send me your results for the season.

    Please send me by e mail

    • date of event, organisers and distance
    • your result and position in the event
    • Copy of the result sheet
    • your DOB
    • your Last Thee Seasons (LTS) best for the same distance prior to the event
    • date of your LTS

    I need all of this by 28/10/17 at latest.

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    Lea Valley Cycling Club


    Sunday 29th October 2017 at 10am
    COURSE EH/11
    All CTT affiliated Club members welcome
    Course Start ; Mott St, Waltham Abbey, Loughton IG10 4AP
    EH/11 START just south of intersection between Mott Street and Lippitts Hill, High Beech, Epping. Continue up Mott Street to FINISH at crest of hill opposite ‘Bridal-path’ (Pepper Hill) sign to Lippitts Hill.
    Note: This hill is approximately 1,100 yards long.
    Promoted for and behalf of Cycling Time Trials (CTT) under their rules and regulations
    Entry Fees of £5 (on the line entries)
    Event HQ (The Events Secretary’s car in the layby at the top of the hill)