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    Burton End, near Stansted , Essex CM24 8UQ
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    Dear clubmembers, ex-clubmembers, friends of the club, friends, family, et all.

    Yet again time is racing on, and soon we hope to welcome you all again at our Burton End HUT. Sorry, I am a bit late with the particulars, but there’s a lot going on ‘Chez Frida’ …...still !
    Not to worry,let’s make it a memorable event as always. I am planning the usual extensive cold buffet, with some hot additions and plenty of choice for vegetarians. The afters buffet will be rich and varied as usual. Anybody who would like to bring a dish to supplement the feast is welcome, please let me know. If you can arrive early to help lay stuff out, that will be a great help too.
    We know money is tight, so we have held our prices for yet another-other year. YES!

    Now get your friends out, bring wives and kids, dig out any old Comet, Crescent and Lea Valley members you know of, and come and enjoy yourselves at our original country H.Q.

    New members will find this a great occasion to meet the wider club, match faces to names on the address list, and find people who can tell you some stories about the names on the trophies. Don’t be shy, just get talking, have some splendid food, a glass of Michael’s homebrew and maybe finish it off with a game of petanque.

    We are not too hard to find. From London, take the M11 and exit at junction 8 – follow the signs for Stansted Airport. Just after the overpass, turn left to LONG TERM PARKING. Pass the Hilton Hotel, straight on at the long term parking and miniroundabout, and follow the lane. Meander through Burton End village and on to The Ash public house on the right. Follow parking instructions posted at the top of our path, which is marked by flags. Limited parking is available neat the hut, for those who have trouble walking. Wear sensible shoes, the condition of the path and lawn is again quite uneven.

    The Ash postcode is CM24 8UQ Those who come early can help us lay out chairs and tables, drink provided. Thanks already ! Some bednights are available too, for the not-too-fussy (and a bit deaf). And you can help us clear up on Monday too, thanks again ! Book in on 01362 288944 (ansaphone) or e-mail to mandfathome@gmail.com

    To help cater for the correct amount, please send in the booking form a.s.a.p. However, we try to be flexible, so if numbers change, or you only find you can only make it at the last minute, please phone or text me on 07981 745598. Always room for a few more! Anybody lost, or other problems on the day ; try Michael’s [NEW] mobile on 07910 332294
    I hope to see lots of you, Frida Wezel

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    Dear members

    The Bill Major 25 is the club's own 25 mile TT. A club event is one that's reserved for members of the club. So if you have never ridden a 25 before or can't get a place on an open 25 then this is the event for you. The Bill Major is great way of getting the experience of riding the " classic " distance on a road course.

    The event will start at 10 with signing on at the Race HQ from 9.15. Armin and Mark are organising the event and I 'll ask them to put up further details .

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    An offer from Racer Rosa

    Dear members and friends, as some of you know we have had an offer from Racer Rosa, the bike shop in the Parade on Hoe Street, of a talk on bike fit and discounts on bike fit, bike servicing and parts . Having discussed the offer with some of you I think there's enough interest to take up the offer.
    Here's what's proposed .
    Date ; Saturday 29th July Time wise, early afternoon or early evening,

    Diego, who runs Racer Rosa would be keen on having as many members attend as possible. As he puts it "especially those who are NOT interested, those who are sceptical towards bike-fitting concept... those who say "why should I waste my money for pricey bike fitting sessions, when I can do it myself"... in general, those who genuinely and understandably do not believe in it - we want to talk especially to those and to those who don't know what it s / or are badly informed, what a bio-mechanical fitting session is all about - "

    The event would be as follows:

    • An informal talk / demonstration of a bike-fitting session with a predefined volunteer rider (any member of the club), during which we would talk through and explain what is happening, inviting informal conversation and Q&A debate with the audience.

    • The launch of a Lea Valley offer , i.e. a flyer / voucher / package for all club members (those presents at the evening, but also those who are not present), which includes:

      20% discount on a bike fitting session, when booking a minimum of 4 riders at the same time = normal RRP: £199 >> Lea Valley CC Members: £159
      20% discount on bike services and repairs at our shop.
      10% discount on any new bike / new frame project.
      10% discount on components purchases at our shop.

         (T&C apply, i.e. one year validity, etc.)

    So , let me know if you would be interested in attending
    and if you have any views on the format. If enough of you are interested then I'll confirm the date with Diego.

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    Tuesday was a close run thing; the Tens nearly didn’t happen .

    Just one fewer member in the box or working with Joe might have meant our having to abandon the event or restrict entries.

    So we really need your help next week

    If you don’t plan to race on Tuesday then please come down to the Velopark any way and help the Club run the event .

    We need people to lap count, call off , push off and collect race numbers and transponders.

    Please be there by 6 .30 and by 7.00 at the latest. Report to Joe , John or Edward.

    Thanks to Adam, Tim, David and everyone else who helped out this week and last week.

    See you Tuesday.

    Edward and John.

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    On their way....

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    On Sunday 7th May we are holding a club circuit race at Hog Hill. It's a great opportunity for members to get used to both road racing and riding a bunch. If you enjoyed the Len Cooper circuit race which we held last Autumn then this will be a similar event.

    As before, the race will be run under TLI rules, so you don't need to have a BC racing licence to take part in the race. You just need to take out a TLI day membership.

    However, you must be a LVCC member who has paid their 2017 membership to take part.

    Sign on from 10.00 .

    The race starts at 10.30.

    Meet at the Town Hall at 9.00 for the ride up to Hogg Hill

    The TLI entry form can be found here http://www.tlicycling.org.uk/Downloads.a­spx?AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1