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    Roland and (currently) 5 others are planning to do a 100-miler tomorrow, heading out to the Blue Egg cafe (near Great Bardfield), having a coffee, and zooming back home again. The idea is to have a pace of 18-19mph, leaving as close to 9am as possible, and hopefully back again around 3:00-3:30pm. Because they've got a long way to go they WON'T be going via High Beach. There is no second pick up, but if it's awkward for you to get to the town hall you could wait en route at either The Castle (be there by 9:05) or somewhere on the Epping New Road. Here is the route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/26760853

    I'm going to try to follow them as far as Hatfield Broad Oak, though with my winter level of fitness and on my heavy winter bike, this may prove to be a short-lived attempt. I'm not doing 100 miles, but I've got a route that follows the above for the first 23 miles, then turns round to go home via Hatfield Heath (where there is a cafe or shops). I would expect to be aiming for 17mph overall, though given the circumstances, this might mean 18 on the way out and 16 on the way back. As I am copying their route for the outbound leg, I also won't be going via High Beach. I don't expect to be riding solo (but who knows?!) so should be leading some kind of ill-defined breakaway B/C group. My route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/26777835

    I suspect there will also be another C group who may well be calling through High Beach and a Social Group as well, but don't have details. If you're doing either of these, please comment below or on Facebook.

    Club Run FAQs: https://leavalleycc.tumblr.com/post/1585­61646193/lea-valley-cc-club-runs-faqs

    Edit: Karl says he'll take a C-group via High Beach, using this route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/26778042

    (which is different, but also stops at Hatfield Heath so there's a chance we would meet up)

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    We've got a couple of routes for tomorrow. I'm planning to do 48 miles with a cafe stop in Blackmore following this one:
    Various others want to go a bit further and will use this 60 mile route which is essentially the same, but branches off at Ongar to do an extra 12 mile section (but still returns the same way via Blackmore):
    This is a mixture of A group, B group and C group people - we'll work out exactly who's going at what pace tomorrow (my inclination at this time of year is to ride slower than I normally would!).

    I know that Edward is also leading a social / introductory ride, presumably over a shorter route.

    The forecast is for 4C tomorrow morning, so cold, but hopefully not icy. If it is icy we'll need to change to a main roads route.

    Meeting at the town hall at 9am as usual. FAQs: https://leavalleycc.tumblr.com/post/1585­61646193/lea-valley-cc-club-runs-faqs

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    NOTE: This has now been changed from 9th January to 16th January

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    NB - this has been rescheduled to 16th January (see the blog for details)

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    The rest of 2017: long-distance car-assisted East Anglian ride, new TT record, video action from the Len Cooper, Michael Hutchinson giving out the prizes at our dinner, when is an AGM not an AGM? https://leavalleycc.tumblr.com/post/1691­63106728/the-rest-of-2017

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    Fancy a Christmas Eve ride? Tim and Roland are planning a longish one (approx 75 miles) using this route that heads out round Hanningfield Reservoir, presumably at B-group pace: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/13726268

    I'm intending to do a shorter ride (approx 45 miles) that follows the same route for the first 17 miles, then branches off north through Stondon Massey and up through Ongar. Hopefully having a coffee stop at the pub in Moreton (26 miles) if they're open early enough. Not planning on hammering it - I reckon a festive 16mph would be fine. https://ridewithgps.com/routes/26630620

    There may be other groups doing other routes, but in case there aren't, please note that neither of the above routes are going via High Beach. We should be meeting as usual at the town hall on Forest Road at 9am and going past The Castle (Woodford) circa 9:10-9:15am (depending on how promptly we get going).

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    Several different plans for tomorrow. Alice is leading the women's group ride at a nice and easy pace, doing approximately 45 miles with a cafe stop at Blackmore. More details and route here: https://leavalleycc.microco.sm/conversat­ions/313401/

    I am going to do a gentler ride than normal (shaking off a cold), probably at C group pace (16mph+), following this route which is just over 50 miles. We will overlap with a sportive for a few miles between Stondon Massey and Willingale and then again from Moreton down to Abridge so the roads will be busier than usual. I'm planning to stop for a coffee (and perhaps Belgian waffle) at the pub in Moreton, which is about 32 miles into the ride.

    Both these groups will be meeting at the Town Hall at 9am as usual and both are calling at High Beach on the way out. I expect my group will be there around 9:30 and the women's ride perhaps 10 minutes later. I don't know if there will also a be a social group going as well - they would presumably also pick up around 9:40/9:45 from High Beach if they're out.

    That's leaves tomorrow's fastest group. Roland and several others from the normal A and B groups are aiming for a long (>80 miles) ride, but still hoping to be back around 1pm, so they are heading out earlier than usual. If you fancy joining them (and bear in mind this will be ridden at a 'tempo' pace, i.e. NOT gentle, more like 19mph) they will be meeting at the Town Hall at 8am and then heading east for a second rendezvous at Forest Farm Shop opposite Fairlop Waters Golf Course at 8:30am. Their route is also likely to overlap with the sportive a bit.

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